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Name/Nickname:Mikagami Tokiya

Likes:spicy things (and i really mean it!), bishounen
Dislikes:cockroaches and anything that got 6 or more legs, betrayer

Strong points:quick learner, good at sport, loyal
Weaker points:stubborn, have a sharp tounge

What is something you'd change about yourself?:my body, i'm fat, and i don't like it sometimes coz my clothes are limited :p

Hobbies & Talents:playing kendo,doing sports, drawing, writing, surfing the net, playing games

Favorite colors:Purple and Black
Favorite foods: anything spicy
Mature or Immature?:both, depend on the situation, but a bit more immature
Leader or Follower?:leader
Optimistic or Pessimistic?:optimistic
Day or Night Person?night person
Social or more aloof?aloof

Favorite quote & why?:Don't trust other people 100%, I know exactly what betrayal is, so maybe i'm a bit scared to experience it again.
What is the last book you've read?:5 people you meet in heaven

What are your goals and ambitions:become the best kendo player, become a game designer
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?:Japan!

What are your closest friends like?:patient. She always calmed me down when my temper got better on me.
How do your friends decribe you?:fun,sometimes a bit rude,cute(?)
When you’re in a group, what's your part in the group dynamic?:Leader
What was the stupidest thing you and your friends have ever done?:um..threw a pot plant from the 2nd floor of my school.

What are your feelings towards each of the four houses?:I love Slytherin
Describe the house qualities that you feel accurately reflect you. Please try to include traits from each of the four houses.:I take everything to achieve my goals, and i don't mind to cheat if i have to. I am brave, but sometimes i rushed everything.
Given the choice, which house would you NOT want to be in?:hupplepuff. I'm not clumsy.

Anything else?: none
How did you find this community?:link from a friend

Pictures. Or a description of yourself.
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my twisted mind
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curious curious
Current Music:
Will -atobe keigo
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On August 16th, 2007 06:33 am (UTC), wolf commented:
It was a little hard to choose, since there isn't much information to go on - but I'm seeing Sirius Black the most.

Melissa | Remus Lupin
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On September 27th, 2007 05:04 am (UTC), shineaurorarose commented:
Little light on the information but I'll go with Sirius as well. :-)
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