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mwpp_rating's Journal

A Marauders Era Rating Community
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Community Rules
1. Long applications (which we very much so do LOVE) and those with pictures should be placed under an LJ-cut.

2. Spelling and grammar, they are your friends. Try not to make excessive typos. ^^

3. This is a rating community, by joining it and posting an application, it can be assumed that you really want to know which characters fits you by your answers. Your answers should reflect who you are, not what character you want to be seen as.

4. A few words won't tell much. You don't have to write an essay, but try to elaborate on your answers, it does make it easier to get voted as a character.

5.You will be stamped within 3 days of posting your application, OR after you have 7 votes for a particular character. You MAY resubmit an application if you disagree with who you've been stamped as, provided you wait at least two weeks; please include a link to your first stamping as well. Also, please keep in mind you may only be stamped twice.

6. So I know that you read the rules, put "There are no urges" as the subject

7. Please bold your votes, it just makes things easier.

8. You must be a member to vote but you don’t have to be stamped in order to do so!

9. When voting on others, try not to look at the other votes. What we want are votes that each voter personally thinks is accurate and for you all to think!

10. Please be at least 13 years old. LJ does tend to prefer it.

11. Play nice. No flaming/insulting anybody. You can ask for vote clarification, but you are not allowed to insult anyone.

12. If you're voted as Peter Pettigrew, that is by no means a bad thing. James, Sirius, and Remus considered him a Marauder, and that is the version of Peter that we look for here.


List of Possible Characters
The Stamps!




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